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2020 Toyota C-HR Long Term Review, Introduction – We’ll See What We See!

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Auto123 reviews the 2020 Toyota C-HR in a long-term test drive.

As a general rule, the car reviews you come across on Auto123 are the result either of a first contact with a new vehicle, lasting a few hours or a couple of days at most, or of a week spent driving a vehicle in various conditions and environments. In the latter case, the test drive most often takes place in the journalist’s home town, on roads they’re familiar with. For seven days, the journalist makes like the owner of the vehicle, driving it to and fro in a routine that approximates that of Joe or Joan Public.

One week is enough to discover quite a few things about a car. But it’s still only one week – imagine if you could drive it for a longer time, and really poke and prod it! In practice, that means getting around to really testing that voice recognition system you didn’t bother with when you had the car for just a week. Or you get to experience using the vehicle to get the kids to their day camp, or loading up on unnecessary supplies at Costco. These are activities you might not get to in a single week of “ownership”, but you will if you do a longer-term test drive.

All that to say that that’s precisely my plan for the next few months. Forget about getting into and out of different cars at a breakneck pace. I’m going to take my time and get to know the vehicle I’m testing. I want to assign it tasks that will reveal its discreet virtues, or perhaps its hidden vices.

My first guinea pig, which I will drive for the next month, is the 2020 Toyota C-HR. Once I’ve had the time to break the ice with the little guy, I’ll be coming back to you with regular reports, which I hope you’ll find candid, entertaining and, above all, useful!

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2020 Toyota C-HR, name, rear light
Photo: D.Boshouwers
2020 Toyota C-HR, name, rear light