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Ford Moves Date of Bronco Debut, Away From O.J. Simpson’s birthday

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On Monday of last week we reported that Ford had set its big reveal of the Ford Bronco for July 9. A date as good as any for the presentation. Except that on Wednesday, it became known that July  9 also happens to be the birthday of the controversial former football star and noted Bronco driver O. J. Simpson.

Some may be too young to remember this, but O. J. Simpson made a 1994 Ford Bronco infamous by driving it across Los Angeles while being slow-chased by police. That was 26 years ago.

It was an inadvertent but unfortunate mistake by the Blue Oval carmaker, and one it quickly set out to rectify by moving the date of the premiere, to July 13.

Said Ford’s communications head Mark Truby on Twitter, “We wanted to be sensitive and respectful of this concern.

The automaker has taken pains to insist since the news of the birthday date came to light that the choice of July 9 had been purely coincidental.

Recall that already the reveal of the Bronco had been put off. It was supposed to have debuted in the spring but the launch was pushed back as the coronavirus spread across North America.

Fingers crossed that we’re done with the delays and will finally see the new Bronco in its full, undisguised glory.

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