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The 2021 Ford Bronco Will Show Itself on July 9

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After all the speculation, all the waiting and few false starts, we now know when the big presentation of the 2021 Ford Bronco is to take place. On Thursday, July 9, the Blue Oval brand will reveal in full one of its most important new products in years.

Regular visitors on our site will know that the SUV was originally supposed to be presented in March of this year. Of course, the coronavirus played havoc with Ford’s plan, as it has with so many others.

Since then, it’s been a waiting game. Until now.

The Bronco, designed as a direct rival to the Jeep Wrangler, will be equipped with all the equipment, features and looks to attract that specific clientele. Namely, the SUV is built around retro styling, a ton of customization possibilities, and exceptional off-road capabilities. Ford describes its bucking new Bronco as being “strapped with thrilling power and go-anywhere capability, uniquely equipped to carry true adventure seekers deep into the wild and untamed places their souls long to be”.

A statement that sets the tone about it plans to pitch the Bronco to consumers.

For the rest, we won’t rehash what’s already known about the new Bronco, but we invite you to check in on July 9 for all the new details on the model.

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