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Los Angeles 2019: World premiere for the 2021 Lexus LC 500 convertible

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Auto123 was on hand for the world premiere of the 2021 Lexus LC 500 convertible at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show

On the eve of official press day at the L.A. Auto Show, Lexus presented the world premiere of the cabriolet version of the sexiest coupe on the market. The LC 500 will now have a convertible version. It offers the same on-road performance as the coupe model but with an even more attractive silhouette, with or without the roof up.

An interesting compromise for the soft top
The roof of the LC Convertible incorporates an innovative folding mechanism that includes a well-designed cover to protect it when stored. This design allowed engineers to accentuate the sleek lines of the convertible without compromising trunk and cabin space, often a by-product of having rigid, heavier and bulky roofs. 

Photo: B.Charette

The curves of the cabriolet are highlighted by some key changes to the silhouette. Physically, the roof blends into the lines and doesn’t break the harmony of the design. 

The roof can be opened or closed at speeds up to 50 km/h, while a display on the dashboard indicates the progress of the roof. Opening it takes about 15 seconds and closing, 16 seconds.

Shimmering colours
Exterior colour options on the convertible include Smoked Granit Mica, Atomic Silver, Caviar, Infrared, Cadmium Orange, Burning Yellow and some options like Platinum and Black. Depending on the chosen exterior colour, buyers can opt for a black or beige roof, and a black or grilled Caramel interior.

Photo: Lexus

The model presented at the Los Angeles show is the LC 500 Series Inspiration Series. Only 10 copies of this special edition will be available in Canada. It will be offered in Structural Blue, with white semi-aniline leather interior upholstery, exclusive blue roof, grey headlamp trim, grey side air intakes and grey taillight trim. 21-inch chrome/black wheels are standard.

The same V8 under the hood
The LC cabriolet will be entitled to the same 5.0L V8 engine and 10-speed Direct Shift automatic transmission as the coupe. It produces 471 hp at 7,100 RPM and 398 lb-ft of torque at 4,800 RPM. You'll be able to enjoy this power later into the year with equipment like the neck warmer designed to help keep your upper body warm. 

The Lexus Climate Concierge system with upper body heating automatically controls the air conditioning, heated seats, neck warmers and heated steering wheel so that the temperature inside the cabin is ideal, even when outside weather conditions are not.

Photo: B.Charette

This system has also been optimized to send hot or cold air to the back of the driver's hands as they hold the steering wheel. So you can stretch your season a few weeks, and start it early.

Enjoy the V8
In order for the V8 melody to be heard when the roof is lowered, engine impulses are naturally transmitted through a diaphragm and through a tube that carries sound, but not air, into the cabin to amplify the roar. (This system is similar to the one used by the Lexus LFA.) 

Let’s be clear, the sound you hear is not electronically enhanced! To intensify the aggressive sound of the exhaust and increase performance, a computer-controlled valve maintains the fine balance between exhaust back-pressure optimization, on the one hand, and the sound and volume of the exhaust on the other, at higher engine speeds.

Photo: Lexus
Photo: Lexus

Tech-y interior
Like the coupe, the LC 500 convertible features a 10.3-inch high-definition multimedia display, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and Lexus Enform Remote feature that lets you lock and unlock the doors, start the engine, check the fuel level and more via your smartphone or a device that is compatible with Amazon Alexa. And in addition, it’s offered free during the first three years.

Summer of 2020
The 2021 Lexus LC 500 cabriolet arrives in summer 2020 in limited quantity; no price has been announced yet.

Photo: Lexus
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