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Ram Pushes HD Truck’s Towing Capacity to 37,100 lb

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In the world of the HD pickup truck, the three major American manufacturers spend a fantastic amount of time and energy surpassing each other in turn in terms of this or that capability. The arms race is endless, with each automaker trying to be king in a particular category. But the big glamour event – the 100-metre race of the HD pickup segment - is towing capacity.

Ram has just announced that it has taken the lead by that prized yardstick, its Heavy Duty model now blessed with a maximum capacity of 37,100 lb (16,828 kg). Pulling that much weight is possible with a gooseneck hitch and especially thanks to 1075 lb-ft of torque from the Cummins 6.7L, 6-cylinder in-line turbo diesel engine.

“Ram regains capability leadership by delivering the highest ever torque rating for a diesel pickup truck and heaviest gooseneck towing capacity. We understand the attributes that are most important to our customers within the heavy-duty segment; they demand hardworking, long-lasting capability.”

- Mike Koval Jr., Head of Ram Brand

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2021 Ram Heavy Duty, Cummins turbo diesel badge
Photo: Ram
2021 Ram Heavy Duty, Cummins turbo diesel badge

To add an additional 75 lb-ft of torque to reach a phantasmagorical total of 1,075, Ram worked closely with Cummins to make improvements to the diesel engine. These include higher supercharging limits through variable geometry turbocharging and increases in fuel system flow.

To adapt the structure for the increased towing capacity, the rear part of the Ram HD's chassis has been upgraded for 2021, now benefiting from fully box-sectioned rails and a structural crossmember for the rear axle, with provisions for a fifth wheel and gooseneck hitch. A number of other adjustments have been made to the equipment and configuration of the gooseneck hitch to make the operator’s job easier.

Also new for 2021, the Ram Heavy Duty is equipped with a digital rear view mirror that displays in real time the images captured by a camera at the rear. Of course, the traditional rearview mirror can still be used. The advantage with the digital system is that you can see what’s in the rear if the body is full of material that obstructs the view.

Note that with a regular hitch, the capacity of the 2021 Ram HD truck is “only” 23,000 lb (10,433 kg).

2021 Ram Heavy Duty, profile
Photo: Ram
2021 Ram Heavy Duty, profile