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2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI and Golf R Pricing and Details Announced

2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI (European version) | Photo: Volkswagen
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Daniel Rufiange
These are of course the only two variants of the model that will be offered in North America for its eighth generation

Volkswagen Canada has released pricing and details on the only two Golf variants that survive in North America for the eighth generation of the model, the GTI and R variants.

Golf GTI

The 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI comes in three flavors in Canada: GTI, GTI Autobahn and GTI Performance. Each comes standard with a 6-speed manual transmission, but the 7-speed DSG automatic transmission is offered as an option.

Pricing starts at $31,495 ($32,895 with the auto box) for the GTI, and rises to $34,995 ($36,395) and $38,995 ($40,395) for the Autobahn and Performance versions, respectively., 100% online, shop for your next car, buy online and get it delivered to you anywhere in Quebec!


2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI (European version), profile
2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI (European version), profile | Photo: Volkswagen

Under the hood, the GTI gets a reworked version of VW’s well-known 2.0L turbo 4-cylinder. This time, it delivers 241 hp, 13 more than before. Torque is rated at 273 lb-ft.

Aesthetically, the GTI once again stands out with its red accents, especially on the grille and the brake calipers. New designs mark the rims of the different versions and at the rear, the model features distinctive dual exhaust tips. On board, a golf ball-shaped gear selector adds a special touch to the model. The Digital Cockpit digital instrument cluster comes standard with a 10.25-inch screen, while the multimedia system unit on the center console is 10 inches diagonally across. Ambient lighting in 30 colours marks the visual signature inside.

Note that these interior details will also be offered with the R model.

Golf R

The Golf R comes in a single version for 2022 and its price has been set at $44,995 ($46,395 with the automatic transmission). It is aesthetically different with blue rather than red accents, unique wheel designs, a prominent spoiler at the rear and more aggressive diffusers on the front and rear bumpers. Another distinguishing feature is that the exhaust has four outlets.

2022 Volkswagen Golf R  (European version)
2022 Volkswagen Golf R (European version) | Photo: Volkswagen

Between the front wheels, the same engine is at work, but it too has received some love, so its output has been increased to 315 hp, 27 more than the outgoing generation. Torque is rated at 295 lb-ft with the DSG transmission, but only 280 with the manual gearbox.

With both the Golf GTI and Golf R, a panoramic sunroof is available as a $1,250 option. With the GTI and GTI Autobahn versions, it's included as part of an option package ($1,350 and $1,850, respectively).

2022 Volkswagen Golf R  (European version), profile
2022 Volkswagen Golf R (European version), profile | Photo: Volkswagen

Other changes
A number of other changes and improvements mark the transition to this new generation, needless to say. For example, the Golf R's 4Motion all-wheel-drive system gets some tweaks to make it even more efficient. Previously, the 50 percent of torque that was sent to the rear was distributed equally between the wheels. Now, 100 percent of the torque sent to the rear can be relayed to either the left or right wheel.  

The new GTI is equipped with the VAQ electronic torque-sensing limited-slip differential as standard; it offers a variable degree of intervention depending on the actual driving situation and the driving assistance functions. Loosely translated, this means a more engaged and animated driving experience.

In terms of safety, the IQ.Drive suite will offer everything necessary. As for the equipment of each of the variants, we'll come back to this at some point when we provide a fuller picture of each of the four variants of the Volkswagen Golf to be sold here.

The Golf GTI and Golf R are expected later this year.

2022 Volkswagen Golf R  (European version), rear
2022 Volkswagen Golf R (European version), rear | Photo: Volkswagen
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