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BMW XM, New M-Exclusive Hybrid SUV, Is Here to Impress

2023 BMW XM | Photo: BMW
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Derek Boshouwers
With the Label Red edition, output from this high-performance PHEV is an otherworldly 735 hp
BMW XM 2023, trois quarts arrière
BMW XM 2023, trois quarts arrière | Photo: BMW

BMW today rolled out a piece of machinery no one can not be impressed by: the M-exclusive BMW XM plug-in-hybrid-electric high-performance SUV. Conveniently, it’s the M division’s 50th anniversary this year, so a show-stopping model like this is apropos.

We had actually seen a very impressive concept version late last year, but here we have the real thing. The XM is derived from the M Hybrid V8 race car and features a turbo V8 engine plus electric motor and 8-speed Steptronic M auto transmission. Total output is 644 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque starting at just 1,600 RPM. BMW’x xDrive all-wheel-drive system is of course present, with a mode allowing the driver to send more torque to the rear wheels.

As for acceleration, BMW gives it a 4.1-second time for 0-100 km/h, and top speed is 250 km/h, or else 270 km/h if you take the M Driving package. In all-electric mode, it’s possible to do 140 km/h.

The 29.5 kWh battery gives the model an estimated 50-km range in all-electric mode, though that figure is not final. Users will need 3h 45m to charge the battery at a Level 2 station.

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2023 BMW XM, front
2023 BMW XM, front | Photo: BMW

Label Red
The M division introduces the first of several limited-run ‘Label’-badged editions with the XM. This variant gets exclusive exterior paint finishes, wheels and trim. But spectacularly, though, this edition generates up to 735 hp and 735 lb-ft of torque from its hybrid powertrain.

The look
Size-wise, the BMW XM sits between the German brand’s X6 and X7 SUVs, so it’S not exactly small. And in fact, it weighs a healthy 2,750 kg. Length is 5.11 m, wheelbase is 3.1 m, width is 2.0 m and height is 1.76 m. That weight, by the way is spread close to 50-50 front and back, with the under-floor battery helping lower the vehicle’s centre of gravity.

Looks-wise, the XM has sculpted elements and lines meant to make it look as mean as possible. The images tell the story, so you can decide for yourself how mean it actually looks.

2023 BMW XM, interior
2023 BMW XM, interior | Photo: BMW

Inside, we get a two-tone interior, four well-bolstered individual seats, a bunch of matte carbon-fibre surfaces and BMW’s new curved screen(s). There are M-specific elements sprucing up the next-gen iDrive 8 multimedia system found on that screen.

Pricing has not been confirmed for the 2023 BMW XM, but we do know American customers are getting charged $159,000 for the “regular” model and $185,000 for the Label Red edition. The former goes into production this fall, the latter in the summer of 2023. No specific word yet on when the XM will arrive at Canadian dealerships…

2023 BMW XM, rear
2023 BMW XM, rear | Photo: BMW
2023 BMW XM, rear, hatch open
2023 BMW XM, rear, hatch open | Photo: BMW
2023 BMW XM pictures
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