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2023 Dodge Challenger: A Convertible for the Model’s Last Year

2023 Dodge Challenger convertible | Photo: Dodge
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Daniel Rufiange
The Challenger enters its final year in 2023 as Dodge readies an all-electric model for 2024

The last time Dodge offered its Challenger as a convertible, gasoline cost next to nothing and we collectively didn't know/care about climate change. The very idea of an electric muscle car would have been considered preposterous.

That was back in 1971. Now, for the model's final run in 2023 (it will be replaced by an electric version in 2024), it will be possible to get a convertible variant. Take note, however, that it's not Dodge offering the configuration directly.

The Florida-based Drop Top Customs companies is charged with carrying out the modifications on the 2023 Challenger. While this kind of transformation is nothing new, what's different this time is that you'll be able to coordinate everything with your dealer.

The 2023 Dodge Challenger convertible will be sold, in other words, through Dodge dealerships. Orders for the model can be placed starting today for 2022 editions, and of course the 2023 model.

2023 Dodge Challenger convertible, roof up
2023 Dodge Challenger convertible, roof up | Photo: Dodge

The process is simple: When a customer orders a Challenger convertible, the car, which is assembled at Stellantis’ plant in Brampton, Ontario, will be sent to Florida for modification. It will then be returned to the dealership before being delivered to the buyer.

As for the modification, Drop Top Customs adds structural reinforcements to reduce body flex, all without encroaching on the interior space. Then, it installs a hydraulic power padded roof with a heated rear window. The cost of the conversion is advertised at $25,999 USD, plus the cost of the Challenger, of course. Since we're talking about a third-party modification, we can simply do the conversion to get the price in Canadian dollars, which gives us a figure around $33,550.

The conversion is offered with the R/T, R/T Scat Pack and SRT versions. Drop Top Customs guarantees its components for 3 years or 60,000 km.

For those who have doubts about the quality of the work that can be done by the Florida company, know that it has been modifying cars for 46 years and experience in converting Challengers into convertibles.

It will interesting to see how many Challengers will be ordered with this modification; they look likely to become future collector's models in any case.

2023 Dodge Challenger convertible, trunk
2023 Dodge Challenger convertible, trunk | Photo: Dodge
2023 Dodge Challenger convertible, three-quarters front
2023 Dodge Challenger convertible, three-quarters front | Photo: Dodge
2023 Dodge Challenger convertible, profile
2023 Dodge Challenger convertible, profile | Photo: Dodge
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