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Meet the 2023 Ford Ranger Raptor

2023 Ford Ranger Raptor (Europe) | Photo: Ford
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Daniel Rufiange
Fans have been asking for it and Ford has evidently heard them; the next-gen Ranger Raptor will be sold in North America

Ford has unveiled the next generation of the Ford Ranger Raptor. More precisely, the truck unleashed on public eyes and ears yesterday is the model destined for other markets around the world; but that won’t bother anyone, since we learned Monday evening that Ford has decided to offer the next-gen Ranger Raptor in North America for 2023.

We can expect our version to look very similar to the truck just presented, especially since it borrows its signature from the new Maverick. Any differences in our version will be minimal and relate mainly to regulatory requirements for North America or simply to trim levels.

Mechanically, the formula used with the Bronco Raptor is apparent here, the performance pickup getting a twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6, currently rated at 392 hp and 430 lb-ft of torque. A 10-speed automatic transmission is standard, as is four-wheel drive, needless to say. The model also benefits from a 2-speed transfer case and lockable front and rear differentials.

There is a small difference in regards to the suspension, however. While the Bronco Raptor takes its Fox Racing adaptive shocks (3.1-inch diameter) from the F-150 Raptor, the Ranger inherits slightly smaller Fox shocks (2.5-inch diameter). Several ride modes will be available, each of which affects the work and adjustment of the chassis, the exhaust noise level, the transmission staging, etc., 100% online, shop for your next car, buy online and get it delivered to you anywhere in Quebec!

2023 Ford Ranger Raptor (Europe), front
2023 Ford Ranger Raptor (Europe), front | Photo: Ford

Aesthetically, as with all Raptor models, outsized FORD lettering dominates the grille. Also, the body appears wider than that of regular models, an effect achieved through fender flares that are, shall we say, prominent. BF Goodrich K02 33-inch off-road tires are seen in the images released by Ford.

2023 Ford Ranger Raptor (Europe), interior
2023 Ford Ranger Raptor (Europe), interior | Photo: Ford

While the exterior changes are interesting enough, the most significant transformation is on the inside. Compared to the dated interior of the current Ranger Raptor, the new model’s cabin is much, much more modern. Among other elements, we find a large 12-inch touchscreen arranged vertically, as well as a group of gauges with digital displays. The Sync multimedia system is included, as is a premium audio system that will be offered with the more upscale versions.

We'll have to see what else is planned for our market. Certainly, the arrival of a new generation of Ranger can only help the model, whose sales haven't lived up to expectations for the past few years. We can only hope that the price range is at least in shouting range of reasonable, unlike that of the current edition.

We will come back to you with more information on the variants that will be reserved for our market when it’s available.

2023 Ford Ranger Raptor (Europe), three-quarters rear
2023 Ford Ranger Raptor (Europe), three-quarters rear | Photo: Ford
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