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Toyota Previews New 2025 4Runner with First Image

2025 Toyota 4Runner | Photo: Toyota
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Daniel Rufiange
The current generation of the SUV made its debut in 2009 for 2010

•    Toyota shares a first image of the next-generation 2025 4Runner.

The Toyota 4Runner is the oldest model in Toyota's lineup, if not in the industry (with possible competition from the Nissan GT-R). The current generation was introduced in 2009 as a 2010 model. 

Clearly, we're ripe for something new, even if, thanks to its uniqueness and retro feel, the old model still appeals. 

Something new is indeed coming, as Toyota prepares the next generation. That model will be shown in a few weeks time and we’ll be on hand for that.

Ahead of that introduction, the automaker has released a first image of the next-gen 4Runner. 

2025 Toyota 4Runner, logo
2025 Toyota 4Runner, logo | Photo: Toyota

This image appears at the end of an Instagram post in which the company shows images of older-generation models, right up to the one showing part of the next-generation hatchback. 

Obviously, since 15 years separate the two vintages, the styling is completely different, even if the approach is similar in focusing on robustness. The look is similar to that of the brand's latest SUVs and pickups, namely the Land Cruiser and Toyota Tacoma. 

One striking element on the new image is the 4Runner lettering emblazoned on the tailgate, a fashionable trend. 

For the rest, nothing has been revealed, but under the hood, we can expect to find the Tacoma's turbocharged 4-cylinder engines. Will it have the same manual gearbox as the Tacoma? Many hope so. 

As for off-road features, they will of course be there, including, if rumours are confirmed, a disconnectable front stabilizer bar. Lockable differentials are also anticipated. In short, everything that will enable this model to remain a benchmark off the beaten track. 

Daniel Rufiange
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