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They Stick 300 LEDs On an Old Lada and Take it For a Nighttime Spin

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A nighttime joyride in a Lada is nothing special. Except if you’ve stuck 300 LEDs on it.

In the automotive world, there’s crazy, and then there’s crazy. This particular story falls into the latter category, we’d say. We’ll cross-file it under People with Nothing Better To Do.

A Russian group decided to stick 300 LED lights on an old Lada, with the idea of then taking it on a joyride at night – and of course, filming the whole thing.

Why? Why not?

We saw this and despite its obvious nonsense-ness, we couldn’t not take a closer look. The stunt was carried out by a group called Garage 54, which of course has its own YouTube video where you can check out a number of different projects, for instance taking a UAZ model and painting it with a glow-in-the-dark paint, or crushing an old BMW with a one-ton concrete block.

You get the idea.

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The "electric" Lada, in the garage
Photo: Garage 54
The "electric" Lada, in the garage

In any event, the Lada, creaking under the weight of the 300 LEDs, went for a little spin. Which left us trying to figure out what was more impressive about the stunt: the lights moving through the dark of night, or that the Lada was even still mobile. Meanwhile, the voiceover in the video leaves a little comment at the end that makes us want to come back for the sequel.

The comment is a promise that if the video gets 250,000 views, the Lada will deposited in a body of water so that it can light up the depths. Garage 54 promises that the LEDs used on the car are water-resistant, and who are we to doubt them? In fact, it would be kind of fun to watch even if they aren’t!

Want to see this Lada sit on the bottom of a lake?

Photo: Garage 54