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FCA recalls 325,000 Older Jeep Libertys

It is uncommon for automakers to issue recalls on models that are so old, but it’s what FCA (Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles) has done with its voluntary recall of 325,000 Jeep Libertys made between 2004 and 2007.

According to the Automotive News website, 239,904 of the affected vehicles were sold in the U.S., while another 49712 units were bought in Mexico. 36,199 more units were sold outside NAFTA, which means they are not in Canada. It’s unclear why no Canadian models are included in the total, unless FCA includes them in the U.S. figures.

Caution would dictate that owners of the models in question take the time to bring in their vehicles in response to the recall.

The problem identified in the recall involves a lower control arm of the rear suspension. Water can accumulate inside, leading to corrosion and a risk of breakage. If that happens the vehicle’s drivability would be severely compromised.

The company is aware of at least one case in which an accident resulted from a breakage. That incident caused no injuries.

Dealership will replace the defective part. FCA’s statement mentions that owners will be informed at the moment they schedule an appointment, but given the age of the recalled models,  we recommend that owners of the models in question contact dealerships themselves to learn about the procedure for getting the repair done.

If you do this and the dealer is not aware of the recall or the problem that caused it, do not hesitate to have your Jeep Liberty inspected by a mechanic.