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A four-door Mustang? Ford considering it

The Ford Mustang, possibly the most iconic American car ever, has always been a two-door affair, no matter what kind of roof (regular, fastback, vinyl or convertible) it wore. But things could change in the coming years, according to a report that a four-door version is under consideration at Ford HQ.

The automaker is of course confirming nothing on this subject, and we’re quite a ways from having anything like a production version that we can either approve of or tut-tut. But Ford is not denying the story either. Its only comment on the story, via spokesperson Jiyan Cadiz, is that at the company, “we are always on our game to keep Mustang exciting every year.”

Think about the idea for a little bit, objectively if possible, and it starts to make some sense - even if it may be heretical in the view of purists.

For the latter group, it’s worth recalling that the company has seriously considered the idea in the past, more specifically in the early 1960s. Ford even went so far as to create a four-door Mustang concept.

Prototype berline Ford Mustang
Photo: Ford
Prototype berline Ford Mustang

Dealer events, often a good source of gossip
The rumour was originally reported on Mustang forum, and it’s based on comments made by Ford representatives to brand dealers during a recent dealer event. Obviously, adding such a model would allow the automaker to bring the massively popular (and lucrative) Mustang name to compete in another segment.

Imagine a Mustang sedan with a longer-wheelbase and a more-luxurious interior, setting out to compete with the likes of the Audi A7 and Porsche Panamera. It’s a lofty ambition, to be sure, but would anyone be willing to bet against such a vehicle carrying the Mustang nameplate? Ford could take its winning formula and mix in a high-end image for it, especially if it’s bigger than the current Mustang.
In any case, keep in mind that as a GT version or special Bullitt edition, the Mustang already commands a price of well over $40,000.

As for the mechanics that would run the thing, the forum where the report originated makes mention of a turbocharged V8. Currently, of course, Ford doesn’t have such an engine on its roster, but experts believe such a thing would be possible starting from the 5.0L Coyote engine.

Nothing to do with the SUV
Another thing we should be clear about is that this rumour has nothing to do with the future Mustang-inspired SUV that’ in the works. That model is expected to get an electric powertrain. On the other hands, nothing’s to say that such a powertrain couldn’t eventually make its way into a Mustang sedan.

Speculation piled upon speculation, of course…

You can be sure we’ll keeping a close eye on this rumour, because a bigger four-door Mustang would certainly be a significant development in the automotive industry.