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Ford recalls 500,000 SUVs for a brake related issue

Ford is recalling nearly 500,000 SUVs
Photo: Ford
In Canada, 63,367 vehicles are affected by the recall campaign Automotive expert , Updated:

Ford has just announced a recall of nearly 500,000 vehicles in the United States due to a problem with the braking system. In Canada, 63,367 vehicles are affected by this latest campaign.

Specifically, Ford Edge models from 2015-2018, as well as Lincoln MKX from 2016-2018, are equipped with a hose that can rupture at the front and cause brake fluid to leak. If the latter leaks in sufficient quantity, the pressure will drop, which could cause a longer travel in the brake pedal, therefore increasing the response time, as well as the risk of collision.

Ford said in a statement that when the brake fluid level gets low, a warning light illuminates on the dashboard. The manufacturer is not aware of any accidents or injuries resulting from this problem. To resolve the issue, owners can take their vehicle to a dealership who will replace the brake hose with a new upgraded one.

The vehicles were assembled at Ford's Oakville, Ontario assembly plant between mid-2014 and the end of 2017. For these two models, the target number of units is 62,876.

Note that Ford has also made two other recalls, namely those for the 2020 Lincoln Corsair and 2020 Ford F-150. Respectively, 2,965 Corsair and 431 F-150 are affected. Regarding the former, 491 models registered in Canada are part of this recall. The problem boils down to "insufficient clearance between the rear left and right coil springs and the end link bracket", which can lead to corrosion of the spring and eventually lead to its separation from the vehicle.

For the F-150, the issue is an improper securing of the nut between the battery cable and the starter motor, which can lead to increased heat while starting the vehicle and ultimately increase the fire hazard. For now, no F-150 is affected by this recall in Canada.

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