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A removable hardtop for the Lamborghini Aventador

A removable hardtop for the Lamborghini Aventador

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According to Italy’s Quattroruote magazine, the targa-type convertible version of the Aventador will not be equipped with a folding soft top – like the one feature on the Murciélago Roadster the Aventador replaces –, but rather a removable hardtop.

The carbon fibre part will be made of the two cross-section pieces, keeping weight to a minimum.

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

Therefore, the Aventador should keep all of its most impressive features: the air intake, the rear pillars, the see-through engine cover are all staying. The 6.5L V12 also stays unchanged, still producing 700-horsepower going to the four wheels through a 7-speed gearbox.

Prices for the Aventador have yet to be determined, but should follow suite to the manufacturer’s sky-high trends.

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Source: Quattroruote