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AMG Reportedly Working on a Distinct All-Electric Performance SUV

2024 Mercedes-AMG GLC | Photo: Mercedes-Benz
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Daniel Rufiange
The model is expected in 2027 and will come after AMG launches a distinct electric performance sedan.

With Earth Day just around the corner, it’s an electric week at Auto123 as we turn the lights towards noteworthy developments in the EV segment.

AMG is where Mercedes-Benz turns for the development of high-performance models. For the most part, that division produces modified versions of models developed under the regular Mercedes-Benz banner. But it has on occasion come up with wholly unique models, for example the AMG GT.

The AMG division has its sights on the EV segment, with a first all-electric AMG-proper sedan already confirmed and in the works. But as reported by Autocar, there is also an all-electric SUV planned, that will be produced exclusively by the performance division.

The model will be based on its AMG.EA platform designed exclusively for EVs. That architecture will debut next year with a 2026-model-year replacement for the 4-door GT coupe. Prototypes of that model have already been spotted in road testing.

The future AMG-badged electric SUV will come after, meaning it will likely debut for the 2027 model-year.

Before that, we can expect a design study to be unveiled, according to Autocar. The format should follow in the footsteps of the Vision AMG concept the company presented in 2022. We expect a midsize model that will compete directly with its Porsche and BMW equivalents.

One innovation the new model will introduce is axial-flux motor technology. This will allow for smaller and more light-weight motors than those with conventional-flux systems. The new powertrains should deliver impressive capabilities as well, since a motor weighing barely 50 pounds could be able to generate 500 hp. Other new elements and innovations should push that output capacity even higher.  The only issue is that assembly of these new motors is more complex and thus more expensive.

And as we’ve seen with so many other new technologies, that is why we can expect to see this new motor technology in luxury models first.

Beyond that, the AMG.EA platform should receive a new high-performance, high-tension battery developed using AMG’s expertise developed in F1 racing.

Production of the electric performance SUV will likely take place at the company’s plant in Sindelfingen, Germany. That’s where the current GT 4-door coupe is assembled, and where production of that model’s electric replacement is scheduled for as well.


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