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Up for Auction: A 1993 Toyota Pickup with Only 135 km on It

1993 Toyota Pickup | Photo: ebay (thodo_8075)
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Daniel Rufiange
Rarity and low mileage are two big draws on the vintage vehicle market

In the world of classic cars, what's worth the most? Rarity. Yes, some vehicles raise the stakes simply because of their names, but the rarer they are, the more they sell for.

And one of the things that makes a model rare is its condition, specifically when the odometer shows really low mileage.

On that front, it’s hard to imagine many vehicles besting this 1993 Toyota pickup truck currently for sale on eBay. It has only 84 miles on the odometer, or 135 km.

Yes, that’s right, 135 km - barely more than two days’ worth of typical commuting.

The ’93 Toyota pickup is currently located in the state of New Hampshire. Bidding has already surpassed $42,000 USD; if you want to beat that, you’ll have to hurry because bidding ends this afternoon., 100% online, shop for your next car, buy online and get it delivered to you anywhere in Quebec!

1993 Toyota Pickup, fig. 2
1993 Toyota Pickup, fig. 2 | Photo: ebay (thodo_8075)

The model is of course the ancestor of the Tacoma. At the time, its official name was simply "Pickup". This particular “Pickup” was purchased new in Gorham, New Hampshire; the owner brought back to their home and then stored it away. For 28 years. At least that's the information shared by the current, and second, owner. You know, the one who stands to make a killing from the sale of this model.

What we would like to know is why the vehicle was never driven. Stories like this are legion and each one is always tasty. Sadly, that part of the story remains untold here. We can only guess…

The version has a short wheelbase and features a 4-cylinder engine, and it is a Deluxe edition. The model would have been more interesting with the 6-cylinder that was offered at the time, but still, there are a couple of cool elements to note. One, there’s all-wheel drive, and two, there’s a five-speed manual transmission.

Despite its low mileage, time has left some marks, though only a few. Notably, there’s a bit of surface rust on some of the underbody components. There are three dents on the left side, due to something that fell against the edge of the body during storage. The spare tire has also disappeared over time. The battery, fuel tank, fuel pump and manifold were wisely replaced before starting the engine so as not to foul the system.

Otherwise, it's hard to find faults with this truck. The condition of the paint and the interior reflects the fact that this vehicle has not been used.

How much will this extraordinary truck go for? We’re about to find out.

1993 Toyota Pickup, fig. 3
1993 Toyota Pickup, fig. 3 | Photo: ebay (thodo_8075)
Daniel Rufiange
Daniel Rufiange
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