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Audi to present new in-car movie theatre at CES

It’s an obvious statement of fact that technology is playing an increasingly prominent role in cars. It’s also clear that as autonomous driving systems come our way in the near-future, car manufacturers will have to rethink the interiors of their vehicles to suit occupants who won’t be, well, occupied with the task of driving. Enter the infotainment system, which will be changing radically in the coming years.

Audi will be at the next Consumer Electronics Show (CES) show taking place in January 2019 in Las Vegas to present a new approach to in-car entertainment. Ahead of the presentation it’s advertising the concept of an in-car movie theatre, which should pique curiosity.

The system being unveiled is called the Audi Immersive In-Car Entertainment and it will allow for streaming movies, including the latest Hollywood blockbusters.

Audi says that for the moment the system is designed to be used only when the vehicle is immobile, but it does anticipate the day when vehicle occupants will no longer have to worry about actual driving. The functions of the Audi system will be adaptable to meet that new reality, in other words.

Watching a movie on a home theatre-type system while the vehicle is in motion is almost certainly in our future. The biggest obstacle early on might be trusting the autonomous driving system enough to actually engage in this activity.

Audi’s Immersive In-Car Entertainment system will be showcased at CES inside a luxury sedan from the brand.