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Audi Recalls 139,000 A6 and A7

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Audi has just recalled 139,000 vehicles to fix a problem that could cause the front passenger air bag to not properly inflate when an accident occurs.

The real issue, however, is in the seat. To explain, some seat models are equipped with a sensor that detects the presence of a person seated. However, it may not communicate well with the airbag module. If this happens, the airbag may not work during a crash.

In it's statement, which also issued a stop-sale of models equipped with these seats, Audi said "Stress or wear of the body-sensing mat in the front passenger seat may cause the passenger occupant detection system control module to malfunction, which could lead to the front passenger airbag not deploying properly in the event of a crash, increasing the risk of injury."

The models affected by this notice are the A6 and A7, as well as their variants S6, S7 and RS7.

The company says it has been monitoring the situation closely since September 2016, when the number of failure-claims began to climb.