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Gift ideas for Christmas 2018

It’s holiday time, and for many of us the pressure is definitely on as we search for gift ideas for the more challenging people on our list. We put together a little list of automotive-related items that are definitely practical and sure to be highly appreciated at gift-opening time.

Snow brush

Ok, ok, at first glance this may not seem like the most exciting gift, but one advantage a snow brush offers is its originality as a Christmas present! You also know that no one can survive a Canadian winter without one, and people wear them out very quickly.

This model differs from traditional bristle-brush snow clearers in that it won’t damage your vehicle like some brushes might.

Fact is, bristles tend to trap dirt, rocks and salt, and as most people don’t take the time to clean out their brushes between uses, all that material is on hand to potentially scratch and scuff their vehicle’s paint finish and windows.

Here’s a brush that I personally had the chance to test out, and it seems to me ideally crafted to do no harm to your vehicle. What’s more, it had to win me over, as at the outset I wasn’t convinced of its value! The use of polymer foam seemed to me a ridiculous choice, and I couldn’t quite picture how this snow brush could do a proper job of clearing off my SUV. But I was quickly won over!

Remains to be seen how it will survive a full winter, but for now it works fantastically. I loved the fact that it’s both lightweight and telescopic.

This snow brush is available here

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