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Beijing’s Auto China Show Has Been Rescheduled for September 26

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Organizers of Beijing’s postponed Auto China show have announced it is now scheduled to take place starting September 26. The auto show was originally scheduled for last April 21.

The show was officially postponed back in March due to the coronavirus outbreak, but no new date had been set. If it does go ahead in the fall, the event will surely look quite different than originally planned, since a number of unveilings scheduled for the show have since take place or will before then.

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Logo of the Beijing Auto Show (Auto China)
Photo: Auto China
Logo of the Beijing Auto Show (Auto China)

While the Beijing show is still on, at least tentatively, many other similar events around the globe have fallen victim to the pandemic. Geneva (originally set for March), Detroit (June) and Paris (September) have been outright cancelled this year. The New York auto show, originally scheduled for April, is now set to begin in the month of August, but barring a stunning turn of events in the United States, the odds of that happening are quite long. On the other hand, August is still four long months away. With things evolving so quickly, who knows…

Meanwhile most automakers have shut down production around the world, though several are now saying they plan to gradually pick things up again starting in mid-April, safety concerns allowing.

Rest assured we’ll be providing you with updates in the coming days and weeks on the rapidly evolving situation as it concerns auto shows and production across the industry.