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Lesley Wimbush

Lesley has had an affinity for cars since that fateful day when, helping her big brother clean parts from his disassembled Camaro RS, she dropped a carburetor on her foot, breaking several bones. This earned her a certain cachet amongst the boys in her 5th-grade class, most of whom had no idea what a carburetor really was.A member of the AJAC, Lesley was a 20-year employee of The Peterborough Examiner, where she put together the automotive section, worked in the art department and frequently contributed editorial cartoons.For several years, Lesley was a regular reviewer for the Toronto Sun chain, where she also wrote and illustrated the feature AutoBiography. Her work has appeared in many outlets, both print and online, including, The Truth About Cars, Canadian Driver, Inside Track, Driver Magazine and Auto Trader.In addition to car reviews and feature writing for, Lesley is a well-known motorsports illustrator whose work regularly appears in Norris McDonald's column in the Toronto Star, and distributes racing prints through Michael Keyser of Speed Merchants fame.She attends lapping days whenever possible, and is well experienced in the art of hurling a ratchet at the wall.

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