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BMW Shows its 8 Series Convertible… in Camouflage

BMW 8 Series convertible
Photo: BMW
First 8 Series models should roll off assembly line next year Automotive expert , Updated:

Images of camouflaged upcoming models undergoing testing: usually these are spy shots, unofficial glimpses caught by eagle-eyed observers in the right place at the right time. This time, BMW has turned the tables on the auto paparazzi by publishing official images of its upcoming 8 Series convertible… in camouflage.

The images show the 8 Series undergoing hot-climate testing in Death Valley near Las Vegas, Nevada to measure the ability of its mechanical and electronic systems to withstand extremely high temperatures.

At this time of year, temperatures often rise above 120 °F, or just under 50 °C. Pity the poor soul test driving an open top car in that heat…

Photo: BMW

The car eventually made its way to Hoover Dam, where electromagnetic fields are incredibly intense and provide an ideal environment in which to test all of the vehicle’s electronics.

This represents the last phase of testing for the 8 Series convertible. BMW intends to begin production next year. A coupe version is also planned.