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BMW Said to be Working on 670-hp Electric 7 Series

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The German luxury automakers have made substantial strides in the last year or two in the field of electric mobility. BMW is right there at the front of the race is it prepares a host of electrified variants of its products. One of them, we now learn, is a wacky version of the 7 Series. How wacky? It will deliver a total of 670 hp.

This unconfirmed bit of news comes courtesy of website BMWBlog, an outlet devoted to unearthing any and all news and rumours related to the German automaker.

The 670-hp model, to be called the i7S, will make use of a 120 kWh battery that would give it a range of between 500 and 600 km on a full charge. That kind of brute power also translates into a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of around 3.5 seconds.

Which is amazingly quick for such a big sedan.

According to BMWBlog’s sources, the company will also produce a base version of the i7. This one would “settle” for a 100 kWh battery and “only” 550 hp.

Earlier this year there had been another set of rumours alluding to an M Performance plug-in-hybrid version of the 7 Series.

One thing the website was not able to dig up is the timeline BMW is working under for these new 7 Series variants. Realistically, we expect it to take a few years before we see the all-electric flagship sedan from the automaker.

That said, the domain of EVs is proving to be an extremely fast-moving one. Stay tuned.