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Cadillac Teases its New Curved OLED Dashboard

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The last 10 years have seen a spectacular evolution of vehicles’ dashboard presentations. To start with we began to get screens on which users could access the multimedia systems. More recently we’ve seen traditional data dials and screens (tachometer, speed indicator, etc.) make way for visually stunning digital displays. There’s perhaps no better example of how far automakers have come than what you find in the newest Mercedes-Benz models.

Now Cadillac is readying to make its own big splash in the field of in-cabin displays. GM’s luxury brand has posted a short teaser video that provides a quick peek at the driver’s view of the 2021 Escalade’s interior. The star of the video? A large curved OLED (for Organic Light Emitting Diodes) dashboard screen.

We’ve seen televisions be transformed by the use of the technology, now it’s making its way to in-vehicle dashboards.

Cadillac says that its big Escalade SUV will the first in the industry to feature this kind of instrument cluster.  The screen spans 28 inches diagonally, but it in fact consists of a combination of panels stretching a little over 3 feet in width and not one single screen.  

Just as impressive, we’re promised, is the quality of the images that will show on the screen display. It’s said of OLED images that their pixel density is double that of a 4K television. The palette of colours will be greater than ever seen inside a vehicle, and the blacks will deeper than ever.

We’ll get to see if the reality matches the hype on February 4 with the full presentation of the system during Oscar Week in Los Angeles.

If you’re wondering about the selection of that location and that event for the big unveiling, know that the streets of Beverly Hills and surrounding neighborhoods positively teem with Escalades, on a par with the proportion of Honda Civics on our roads here.

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