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Cadillac Will Introduce Three New EVs This Year

The Cadillac Lyriq
Photo: Cadillac
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Daniel Rufiange
We don't know their identities yet, but an electric Escalade is a strong possibility

•    Cadillac will unveil three new electric models by the end of this year.

•    The models will go into production sometime in 2024.

•    Their identities are not known yet, but Cadillac has reserved a few names in anticipation of their arrival: Ascendiq, Optiq, Symboliq, Vistiq, Lumistiq and Escalade IQL.

Cadillac is one of the most aggressive manufacturers when it comes to electrification and 2023 will prove it once again. The brand’s global VP Ron Harvey said this week that three new EVs will be presented by the end of December. 

All three will go into production as early as next year, suggesting a market debut for the 2025 model- year. 

The brand has already started delivering its first model, the Lyriq, with production gradually increasing each month. Next up is the Celestiq sedan, though in its case, we’re talking about a more exclusive and limited luxury vehicle. 

The Cadillac Celestiq
The Cadillac Celestiq
Photo: Cadillac

As for the identity of the new models, it has not been revealed. We can, however, fall back on what the division said in 2020 about what would be coming in the next few years. At that time, there was talk of an XT4-sized crossover, an Escalade-sized SUV, and another, smaller three-row SUV. 

The arrival of these SUVs will be staggered in certain markets. As for the names these models will bear, we can expect Cadillac to pick from those it has already protected with the patent office. Those include the Ascendiq, Optiq, Symboliq, Vistiq, Lumistiq and Escalade IQL. 

Let the speculation begin.

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