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Communauto adds 600 units to its car-sharing fleet

Communauto is set to expand with the addition of roughly 600 new cars to its fleet including 515 in Quebec. The rest will go to Ottawa, Halifax, and France.

Montreal alone will get 275 new Communauto cars ― a quarter of which will be fully electric ― for a total of 550 across town. Quebec City’s fleet, meanwhile, will grow from 30 to 55 cars, all hybrids.

“In 2015, nearly one million trips were made with Communauto vehicles.  Carsharing’s growing popularity, partly due to our extremely competitive rates, requires us to drastically increase our fleet in order to effectively meet the demand.  The impact of carsharing is becoming more and more noticeable: in Montreal and Québec City alone, Communauto’s offer will replace, in 2016, more than 15 000 privately-owned cars” says Mr. Benoît Robert, president and CEO of Communauto.

In the end, Communauto will offer 2,500 cars globally including 1,815 in La Belle Province.

The company also has a plan to electrify its fleet and launch an innovative, instant subscription service.