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Confirmed: Lamborghini SUV coming for 2018

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This time it's official: Lamborghini's SUV, produced in Sant'Agata, will hit the market in 2018, Top Gear reports. The assembly plant will be expanded to double its current size, creating 500 new jobs in the process. The plan is to build up to 3,000 units a year.

Earlier reports suggested that the production version of the Lamborghini Urus concept would be ready for 2016. This SUV will likely share its platform with the upcoming Bentley Bentayga and next-generation Porsche Cayenne. There was talk of a 600-horsepower engine, but no specifications have been revealed. However, Lamborghini promised that it would offer class-leading CO2 emissions.

A turbo or hybrid variant—plug-in or not—is even being considered according to Top Gear, which quoted company president Stefan Winkelmann.

“If we do a plug-in hybrid we have to invest in a third model, not a supersports car,” he said. “It's a car for everyday use. It has a different size and packaging. And then hybridisation is much easier. It's less affecting on the performance.”

More details about the Lamborghini SUV will be announced in the next few months.