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F1: Comparing the rear suspension of the 2013 and 2014 McLaren

The new McLaren MP4-29 Mercedes set the fastest time yesterday in Jerez, and the car features an intriguing new rear suspension design.

The rear suspension shows large, wing-shaped aerodynamic 'blockers'.

Experts say that the blockers are designed to restrict the airflow coming out of the Coke bottle area when it gets to the back of the diffuser.

F1 McLaren MP4-28
2013 McLaren MP4-28. (Photo: McLaren)

F1 McLaren MP4-29
2014 McLaren MP4-29 (Photo: WRi2)

The horizontal rear beam wing previously did this job, but the 2014 regulations have banned that so teams are looking for new ways to make up for it.

The blockers create an area of low pressure behind them. This then increases the velocity of the airflow travelling underneath the car, generating more downforce from the underfloor.