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F1: Teams in talks to make turbo hybrid cars more spectacular

British motorsport magazine Autosport can reveal that the Formula 1 team are currently discussing to make the 2014 turbo hybrid cars more spectacular.

Autosport reporter Jonathan Noble broke the news Thursday that the F1 teams involved in the Strategy Group now plan talks over the next few weeks to consider a range of proposals that can bring some of that excitement back.

Noble reports that the ideas are dominated by much-needed cost-cutting measures, but it also features proposals that are aimed simply at making F1 cars more thrilling to watch.

The teams would like to get rid of the overly complicated brake ducts to introduce a simpler design that would bring back the visual impact of glowing brake discs.

The teams will also discuss the reintroduction of active suspension that would make cars sparks again, just as they did up until the early 1990s.

“The spectacular sparks, which were caused by titanium plates rubbing on the ground, became non-existent when underfloor planks were introduced during 1994 to stop teams running their cars too close to the ground for aerodynamic benefit,” wrote Allen.

Other suggestions include aerodynamic tweaks to create vapour trails, standing starts after safety cars, a potential reduction in race length, and the green light for higher technology to be used in pit stops to cut the time even further.