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FCA recalls 1.1 million RAM trucks over a faulty tailgate latch

FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) has just issued a large-scale recall of some 1.1 million 2015-2017 RAM trucks bought in North America due to a faulty tailgate latch. The power latch could open unexpectedly while the vehicle is in motion, causing materials to fall out onto the road.

This obviously represents a bigger danger for other motorists on the road than for the truck owner.

The affected models are equipped with a power latch mechanism and beds of either 5 ft-7 in or 6 ft-4 in in length. The parts that make up the locking mechanism are prone to breakage.

The automaker started investigating the matter after receiving complaints from customers who reported that their truck’s tailgate opened on its own, either when stopped or in motion. FCA learned that thousands of claims had been made under warranty and that a large number of repairs had been done.

The recall does not apply to RAM trucks equipped with an 8-ft bed, or with a tailgate that has no power locking system.

Photo: RAM