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Ferrari’s first SUV to be called Purosangue

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Ferrari has let it be known for a while that it will throw its hat into the luxury SUV ring at some point.  We now know what name the company is giving to its very first utility model: Purosangue.

This of course translates from the Italian as purebreed – an appropriate name for a brand with a horse as its logo, and a clear sign that the company wants everyone to understand that its first SUV will still be a Ferrari through and through.

The model is expected to be ready by 2022, and its principal mission will be to take on the Urus SUV from Lamborghini. It will be built on a whole new platform, which should eventually come to serve other Ferrari models. For the moment, we know very few details about the model, which is still in the early development phase.

Most are anticipating it will be powered by a robust V8 engine, but also come in a hybrid configuration – an easy prediction to make given that the company has stated it is heading that way in the coming years. All of the major elements you’d expect to find in a luxury SUV, such as all-wheel drive, an adjustable suspension, drive modes, etc., should be part of the final package, along with a premium interior of course.

It will be a Ferrari, in other words. But we still can’t help thinking that Enzo Ferrari might turn over in his grave when this Ferrari-badged SUV does debut.