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A First Image of the Uncovered Baby Bronco Surfaces

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We know that Ford is preparing to introduce – re-introduce, actually - the Ford Bronco, but we’ve also known for a while that that SUV will be followed by a smaller version, informally known for now as the Baby Bronco. That model will share the papa Bronco’s rugged appearance, but in miniature.

Beyond the looks, the vehicles will however have significant differences. The Bronco is built on a ladder chassis, but its smaller sibling will be based on the new 2020 Ford Escape.

And regarding those looks, we’ve seen several spy shots of the camouflaged Baby Bronco in testing, but nothing concrete… until now.

The website obtained an image of an uncovered, squarish SUV model, which shows a profile view of the vehicle, apparently in the midst of testing. And that vehicle is almost surely the Baby Bronco, the giveaway being the form of the C pillar, which is identical to that seen in the spy shots we’ve been seeing in recent months.

Ford has unsurprisingly declined to confirm anything, saying simply that it won’t make any public comments regarding “whatever future product that may be”.

The model is still some ways off from being ready – the Bronco is set to launch first, and it’s not even here yet – but at least now we know what the Baby Bronco will look like… in profile.