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2024 Ford F-150: Pricing Starts at Just Under $50,000 in Canada

2024 Ford F-150 Raptor
Photo: Ford
The cost of a Raptor R model? Close to $150,000 Automotive expert , Updated:

•    Ford Canada has announced pricing for the revised 2024 F-150 pickup.

A few days ago, Auto123 was in Detroit for the reveal of the 2024 F-150. While it’s not a new generation, pickup has undergone a major update, punctuated by new features.

With this kind of change, price adjustments (read: increases) are to be expected. Ford of Canada has made official the price list for the various versions of its F-150 for 2024.

First kicker: the base price is right on the doorstep of $50,000, while at the top of the range, the price exceeds $100,000 for a Raptor version. Between the two, there's plenty to choose from, to suit all tastes and budgets.

Here's the price list for 2024.

Regular cab

F-150 XL (4x2) $49,655
F-150 XL (4x4) $54,155

Double cab

F-150 XL (4x2) $55,850
F-150 XL (4x4) $60,350
F-150 STX (4x2) $58,260
F-150 STX (4x4) $62,670
F-150 XLT (4x2) $60,895
F-150 XLT (4x4) $65,395

Crew cab

F-150 XL (4x2) $59,030
F-150 XL (4x4) $62,180
F-150 STX (4x2) $61,440
F-150 STX (4x4) $64,590
F-150 XLT (4x2) $64,075
F-150 XLT (4x4) $67,225
F-150 Tremor (4x4) $75,980
F-150 Lariat (4x4) $80,495
F-150 King Ranch (4x4) $91,940
F-150 Platinum (4x4) $100,740
F-150 Raptor (4x4) $106,500

Various option packages add to the bill, such as the Plus package for the Platinum version ($7,150), and the 402A and 502A packages for the Tremor and Lariat models ($11,015 and $3,955).

For a Raptor R, add $41,680 to the $106,500 price tag.

Ford F-150 Lariat 2024
Ford F-150 Lariat 2024
Photo: Ford
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