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The Current Generation of the Ford Edge Might Be its Last

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Ford may have decided not to renew its Edge SUV as planned in 2023 – and Ontario auto workers could pay a price.

Things are about to get active at Ford, with several high-profile models set to debut in the coming months and years. But the Edge SUV might not be around much longer to greet them to the lineup, if a report by foresting and consulting firm AutoForecast Solutions is to be believed.

The plan had been for the Blue Oval automaker to produce a next-generation Edge for the 2023 model-year, but it appears the company has changed its mind. Sales of the Edge have been decent, but a good portion of those have been for fleets and not to individual buyers. The latter, when looking at Ford, tend to go for the Explorer instead. Still, U.S. sales totaled 138,000 units for the Edge last year.

Factor in that just around the corner is the new Ford Bronco, followed by a smaller, more-urban utility model inspired by it, and you start to have a crowded group of SUVs each chasing after a piece of the market pie. Did we mention there are also electric-powered models on the way, most notably the Mustang Mach-E?

If well-founded, the rumour of the Edge’s cancellation is of direct concern to auto workers at Ford’s plant in Oakville, Ontario. The Edge – as well as its cousin the Lincoln Nautilus – is assembled at there. Production of the Nautilus could be moved to China, according to Automotive News, which leaves little to do for the Ontario plant if the Edge goes away. The plant currently employs 4,200 workers who would be affected by the moves.

This is all still speculation, and 2023 is still some time off. But that the reports are appearing in credible media outlets lends credence to the story.