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Ford Tests Future Electric F-150 in the Snow

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The Ford F-150 electric will likely be introduced in 12 to 18 months. Until then, the company has given itself the task of showing fans of the model and of pickups in general that the green version of its best-selling truck won’t come up short in any department when it comes to capabilities.

To that end, over the holidays Ford filmed its electric F-150 prototype frolicking in fresh snow to demonstrate what it's capable of.

The video shows that the F-150 doesn't seem to lack power as it does some sideways traveling with the "throttle" at full blast. Clearly, both electric motors are working hard to get power to each wheel and the driver, needless to say, seems to be enjoying the ride. We’re also shown the model tracing doughnuts in the powder, because of course all work and no play make driver a dull boy or girl!

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Recall that last year, Ford had an electric F-150 pull a million-pound load, which consisted of 42 F-150s crammed inside railway cars.

Stunts aside, Ford has not released much information regarding the truck’s actual specifications RE towing or payload capacities, nor anything to do with battery size or expected range. This information is expected as the production date for the electric F-150 approaches.

But there are clues to be found now, if one looks at what the competition intends to offer. With GMC prepping a 1,000-hp Hummer, for example, you can be sure that Ford won't want to be left behind.

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