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Ford Moving Fast to Get its Mustang-Inspired Electric SUV Ready

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Reports are that Ford is stepping up the pace on its Mustang-inspired electric SUV in hopes of having it ready by next year. Last week, just minutes after Tesla unveiled its new Model Y, the big American manufacturer posted an image on Twitter showing the Mustang logo lit up in turquoise blue. The message that accompanied it? “Hold your horses”.
The message of course is clear: hang on, we’ll have our answer to the Model Y soon enough.

In an interview with CNBC, president of Ford in the Americas, said that the company was working hard to present a rival to the new Tesla SUV by 2020.

Tesla said at its presentation that it expects to sell more of the Model Y than of its Models S, X and 3 combined. Ford and a number of other manufacturers are racing against the clock to have their own extended-range electric SUV on the market first.

Ford’s commitment to electric mobility has long been clear and it’s been repeated often in different statements. By 2022, the company wants to introduce 16 electrified products, the fruit of an $11 billion investment it has made in the domain. The automaker is even looking seriously at producing an all-electric version of the F-150 truck.

It won’t be long before we learn more about the electric SUV teased this week, and other products as well. Recall that Ford no longer offers any cars in North America aside from the Mustang, so it can’t afford to miss with its new SUVs. Expect some interesting news from the Blue Oval manufacturer in the coming months.

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