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Tesla Model Y Pricing Could Start at $60,000 CAD: J.D. Power

American automotive data cruncher/analyst J.D. Power has pulled out its calculator and made a bold prediction as to the pricing we can expect for the Tesla Model Y. You’ll recall that Tesla has scheduled the big reveal of the compact SUV for tonight, March 14, at which point we’ll get not only a full view of the vehicle’s insides and outsides, but also details regarding the specs and pricing.

This is what J.D. Power concluded from its math exercise:

“… J.D. Power estimates a starting price of $45,000 before tax rebates, rising to $85,000.”

- J.D. Power

Translated from American into Canadian dollars, that makes for a starting price of $60,000 CAD, and a top-end price of $114,000 CAD.

Photo: Tesla

Previous guesstimates had put the starting price slightly lower than that, around $40,000 USD (or $53,000 CAD and change).

Looking at the current state of the U.S. market, J.D. Power concludes that, given that 1.4 million SUVs were sold in that country in the price bracket ranging between $40,000 and $90,000 USD, the model is well-positioned to deliver strong growth to the company’s sales totals.

Stay tuned for the reveal tonight...

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