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2016 Christmas gift idea: Power Wheels Smart Drive Ford Mustang

Sure, if you have a few dozen grand to spend on the perfect Christmas gift for someone you love, a sports car like the Ford Mustang is a wonderful idea. On a more affordable scale, though, you can surprise your kids with a Power Wheels Smart Drive Ford Mustang designed by the Blue Oval and toy maker Fisher-Price.

This realistic, high-tech, battery-operated ride-on toy is both fast and fun, with original pony car-inspired looks and performance. In fact, Fisher-Price developed the car using actual Ford design data.

The Power Wheels Smart Drive Ford Mustang is available in blue or pink in order to appeal to boys and girls alike, and it’s packed with safety features that are sure to make parents happy, too.

Believe it or not, the Smart Drive system consists in a computer-controlled powertrain that features advanced tech like traction control (ideal when driving on wet grass or bumpy terrain), stability monitoring, digital speed control and battery monitoring, plus slow start and stop (instead of a simple on/off behaviour, motors can now ramp speed up or down). How awesome is that?

Finally, a built-in audio system plays engine sounds recorded from a real Mustang, which rise and fall with vehicle speed. Alternatively, an auxiliary input jack allows kids to play their own music on the biggest speaker ever installed in a Fisher-Price product.

The Power Wheels Smart Drive Ford Mustang is listed at $360.00 USD on the Fisher-Price website.