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2016 Christmas gift idea: 1964 Ford Mustang and others as LEGO cars

The team at LEGOLAND Florida has recently finished building a life-size 1964 Ford Mustang replica using nothing but small LEGO blocks. It’s a very impressive masterpiece that you can watch come to life in the following video:

While this Mustang is not for sale, Ford’s Le Mans-winning race cars from 1966 and 2016 will now be available as part of the exclusive LEGO Speed Champions range of models. More specifically, the set features the iconic Ford GT40 and today’s Ford GT race car, as well as two driver figurines, a checkered flag, and a trophy.

“Many people in my team grew up with the legend of Ford’s history-making 1966 victory and experienced the excitement of building and design for the first time through LEGO bricks,” said Dave Pericak, global director at Ford Performance. “This kit is a powerful way to tell our Le Mans story, and will hopefully inspire the race drivers, engineers, and designers of the future.”

Here’s an interview with LEGO Speed Champions head designer Craig Callum. Once again, the clip shows the car being assembled in fast motion: