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Top Holiday Gifts for Car Lovers this Christmas

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It’s that time of the year. Gingerbread houses! Turkey! Colourful lights! Sweaters! Video game racing rigs! Wait - what was that last one all about? The others are standard holiday fare, but what the heck is a “racing rig”? Well, put simply, it’s a gift – gifts being another holiday staple – that will likely crank the engine of any car lover on your list. As will the rest of the items on our holiday gift guide for car lovers. Read on.

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Lego Creator

Photo: LEGO

While the Creator series is about way more than car models, the roughly 1:18 scale cars they have modeled are usually licensed, full of detail and feature neat-o stuff like working steering racks and opening hoods. Heck, the Ferrari F40 set (a bit tough to find these days, it should be said) actually lets you build the engine separately, and drop it in the engine bay! How cool is that?

Lego Speed Champions

Photo: LEGO

If the Creator set is a little too intense, then the various licensed Speed Champions sets may be just the ticket. More affordable and numerous than the Creator or Technic sets, the Speed Champion models nevertheless have a tonne of detail and a great variety, from muscle cars to super cars and even race cars. The “Ferrari Ultimate Garage” set (pictured) – complete with a classic F1 car, a 250 GTO and 488 GTE race car – is a must-have.