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A Ford Mustang With AWD? It's a More Realistic Possibility Than Ever

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It’s an idea that has come up periodically in recent years: might the Ford Mustang one day get an all-wheel-drive configuration? Ford has long practice in avoiding committing to anything concrete when asked that question. But a recent interview with a top executive at the automaker shows there’s no inclination to dismiss the possibility either.

The question of a future AWD Mustang was put by the Ford Authority website to Jim Owens, head of the Mustang brand for Ford. And his reply left quite a bit of room to speculate:

“As you know, the Challenger has all-wheel-drive. We’re always looking at different kinds of performance, but we have nothing to announce at the moment.”

- Jim Owens, Mustang brand manager

The fact that the executive cited the Challenger is of course very interesting; that model has had an AWD option in the product offering for two years now. Ford could well be concluding that it is losing sales in that area, and if so it is certainly giving the possibility of a Mustang equipped with all-wheel drive serious thought.

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As for the kind of system the pony car could adopt, there too we can only speculate. It’s certainly possible that Ford might go electric in its approach, given the pending debut of the Mach-E SUV, which uses just such a system. Plus it’s no secret that there’s hybridity in the Mustang’s future.

But it will be some time before we know much more about Ford’s plans, since the next generation of the Mustang isn’t due before sometime in 2022, as a 2023 model.