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Ranger Raptor Assault School: One-Day Lesson Included with Purchase of a Raptor

2024 Ford Ranger Raptor | Photo: D.Rufiange
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Daniel Rufiange
The school is a great way for owners to discover the capabilities of their new truck.

At last week's presentation of the 2024 Ranger Raptor in Utah, Ford had something else to announce about its model. With purchase of a Raptor, owners will be entitled to a day of off-road driving experience at the Ford Performance Racing School in Tooele Valley, Utah. 

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The new owners are offered an exclusive off-road driving experience, allowing them to discover the rudiments of off-road driving and discover the full capabilities of their new truck in the process. 

2024 Ford Ranger Raptor, profile
2024 Ford Ranger Raptor, profile | Photo: D.Rufiange

The first course days take place in June. 

Those who have bought a 2024 Ranger Raptor can opt to take part in this one-day training course by registering on the website. The cost of the program itself is included with the purchase of the vehicle. Participants will have to pay their own travel and accommodation expenses, however. 

On the menu are a number of different events on a variety of terrains, with various manoeuvres to perform that range from easy to difficult. These include rock climbing, steep ascents and descents, as well as time on the Baja trail. 

In short, participants will be treated to all the exercises we were invited to at the model's launch. 

2024 Ford Ranger Raptor red
2024 Ford Ranger Raptor red | Photo: D.Rufiange

“Our goal is for owners, whether novices or off-road veterans, to experience the full capability of Ranger Raptor and get a true understanding of the passion and attention to detail that Ford engineers put into developing it.”

- Will Ford, Managing Director of Ford Performance

The Ranger Raptor assault school follows the success of the F-150 Raptor assault school.

2024 Ford Ranger Raptor black
2024 Ford Ranger Raptor black | Photo: D.Rufiange
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