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Ford Is Recalling 4,000 Vehicles in Canada for Seat-Belt Issue

Ford is issuing a recall of 4,002 vehicles in Canada over a potential issue with the front-row seat belts. The models affected are the 2015 Ford Fusion and the 2015 Lincoln MKZ.

Across the world, Ford is recalling 108,399 models over the issue, including the 4,002 in Canada and another 1,023 in Mexico. The Ford Fusion models targeted by the recall were built between August 1 2014 and January 30 2015 at Ford’s plant in Flat Rock, Michigan. In the case of the Lincoln MKZ, affected models were assembled at the company’s plant in Hermosillo, Mexico between August 1 and November 21 of 2014.

The company says that an increase in temperature of the anchor point of the seat belts could cause the cable to weaken and prevent the seat belt from holding a person in place in the event of an accident.

Lincoln MKZ 2015
Photo: Lincoln
Lincoln MKZ 2015

Ford is not aware of any injuries resulting from the problem, and the company stresses that there have been no incidents to compel it to act with the recall, and that it is a strictly preventive measure. The recall campaign takes affect officially on September 9.

Dealerships will apply an extra layer of protection to weak cables to correct the problem.

"We take the safety of our customers very seriously, and we continuously evaluate our processes for potential improvements and are confident in our current methods for quickly identifying and addressing potential vehicle issues," said a Ford spokeswoman to media outlet Automotive News.