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Three Major Recalls Announced by Ford, Including One Specific to Canada

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Ford has issued three new safety recalls for North America. The first involves certain 2014 and 2015 Ford Fiesta, 2014-2016 Ford Fusion and 2014-2016 Lincoln MKZs the doors of which may not close properly.

The second recall concerns 2021 E-Series open-frame and chassis-cab vans in which the wiring harness could deteriorate and expose important components. Details on the third recall are further down.  

The cars identified in the first recall include 268,343 Fusion and MKZ hatchbacks and sedans sold in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Of these, 248,912 are in the United States. Ford explains in its recall announcement that the "latch pawl spring-tab design" could crack in regions where temperatures tend to be very high. If the tab breaks, the door may not close - or worse, the door will temporarily close and reopen once the vehicle is in motion. To remedy this problem, Ford dealers will remove and replace the side door latches.

In the second recall, Ford is targeting 3,631 2021 E-Series stripped chassis and cutaway vehicles. These models may have wiring harnesses (mounted on the chassis) that could deteriorate and crack due to rubbing on the chassis. If friction wears down the wiring harness, fuel, towing and anti-lock brake cables could be exposed and damaged. In the worst case, damage to the fuel pump wiring could cause the fuel pump to shut off, which could cause the vehicle's engine to stall.

Owners of E-Series vehicles should have them inspected by dealers. If there is no damage, technicians will add abrasion tape to the area of concern and "ensure clearance to surrounding components". If the wiring harness is damaged, the wiring will be spliced and secured, then abrasion tape will be added.

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2007 Lincoln MKZ
Photo: Lincoln
2007 Lincoln MKZ

Canadian recall
Ford has also issued a third recall specifically for the Canadian market. On 54,292 2006-2010 Ford Fusions and Lincoln MKZs, a valve inside the hydraulic control unit could remain open. According to Ford, this could result in a longer brake pedal travel, which could potentially create dangerous situations if the driver is not aware of it. Dealers will inspect the control units and replace any that are defective.

Photo: D.Boshouwers