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Ford to showcase highly customized F-150 models at SEMA

Automotive expert , Updated:
Ford's best-selling F-150 pickup truck is one of the most accessorized vehicles in the automotive aftermarket. With plenty of companies providing add-ons, there are countless opportunities for an owner to fine-tune his or her truck to a far more specific need than the factory intended.

Enter the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show- a showcase of what's new and hot from a multi-billion dollar aftermarket industry. At this year's show, Ford will showcase four special F-150 project trucks to show those in attendance what's possible with a little imagination.

The F-150 Heavy Duty DEWALT Contractor Concept was designed to be the ultimate contractor's truck.

"At DEWALT, we are obsessed with developing innovative solutions for the professional contractor that will deliver productivity on the job site" said Jennifer Ervin, director of Business Development for DEWALT. "We have thoroughly thought through how a contractor uses his or her truck on the job, and we've worked hard to integrate every application into the truck."

The DEWALT Contractor includes built in tool battery chargers, a customized storage area and a special electronic, real-time inventory management system that can instantly identify through radio frequencies which tools are on board.

Taking things from work to play is the "Farenheit F-150" from X'Treme Toyz. With a different set of customized add-on equipment, it's intended for the active outdoors enthusiast.

"I ride motorcycles, mountain bikes and four wheelers, and I like to go camping" said Mike Duval, owner of X'Treme Toyz. "I wanted to transform the truck into a functional, fun vehicle for outdoorsmen like myself. You can basically put all of your toys in the truck, hook up the trailer and go. And with the winch on both ends of the truck, you can get pulled in either direction if you get stuck."