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Ford Unveils the 2022 E-Transit Van

2022 Ford E-Transit | Photo: Ford
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Daniel Rufiange
The all-electric delivery van is expected to cost much less in maintenance than the gasoline-powered version

Ford has unveiled the new E-Transit, the all-electric version of its Transit commercial van. Scheduled to debut for the 2022 model-year, the E-Transit will offer the same features as the regular version and run for about 200 km on a single charge.

The configuration of the model is rear-wheel drive and the single powertrain available with it delivers 266 hp and 317 lb-ft of torque. The choice is much greater when it comes to the physical format: a total of eight variants will be available with three different heights, three lengths, as well as chassis cab and trunk models to choose from.

The model's starting price has been set at just under $58,000 Canadian.

Ford says the vehicle's recharging capacity will give back roughly 15 km of range for each hour plugged into a Level 2 charger, while a Level 3 station returns 48 km in 10 minutes or 72 km in 15 minutes. Both options are covered with the standard Ford mobile charger. A 2.4 kWh generator that can power tools on a job site or elsewhere is an option offered with the vehicle.

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2022 Ford E-Transit, at work
2022 Ford E-Transit, at work | Photo: Ford

In terms of connectivity and security, the E-Transit gets the company's latest updates, including to the Sync4 multimedia system. The latter will also be equipped with functionalities that will make it possible to monitor driver behavior, a tool that is already used by some businesses. Also, the model’s connectedness will allow fleet managers to monitor the status of a given E-Transit, for instance whether it’s on the road, recharging, stopped somewhere, and so on.

A major consideration for companies involves the long-term operating costs to be considered with this vehicle. According to Ford, over an 8-year period, maintenance costs will be 40-percent lower than with an identical version equipped with a combustion engine (estimated 160,000 km of driving over that time).

Ford CEO Jim Farley had this to say about the new 2022 Ford E-Transit:

“Ford is North America and Europe’s commercial truck and van leader, so the transition of fleet vehicles to zero emissions, especially for the fast-growing last-mile delivery segment, is critical to achieve our carbon neutrality goal by 2050. Ford is ready to lead the charge, starting with the all-electric Transit and all-electric F-150 on the way. This is good for the planet and a huge advantage for customers to help lower their operating costs and provide connected fleet management technologies that will help their businesses.”

- Ford CEO Jim Farley

2022 Ford E-Transit, interior
2022 Ford E-Transit, interior | Photo: Ford

The E-Transit is the most popular commercial van in the United States. In 2019, its sales more than doubled compared to its principal rival, the Chevrolet Express. The E-Transit will be built at Ford's Kansas City plant, and it’s expected to hit the market at the end of 2021 - which means it will reach markets before the electric F-150, scheduled for mid-2022.

2022 Ford E-Transit, recharging
2022 Ford E-Transit, recharging | Photo: Ford
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