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Fuel Consumption Figures Announced for 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid

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When we took part in the media launch of the new Ford Escape this past September, there were no official fuel-consumption figures forthcoming from Ford for the hybrid variant we drove.

Those numbers are now available.

As expected the version of the SUV with front-wheel drive delivers the thriftiest performance, with an average of 5.3L/100 km (city) and 6.4L/100 km (highway) (actually 6.35L, to be precise). Combined figure is 5.7L/100 km. As for the AWD-configured Escape, it will, according to Ford, consume the same on highway but 5.5L/100 km in the highway. Combined average for this variant is 5.9L/100 km.

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Photo: D.Heyman

The figures drop the new Escape down into a virtual tie with its sworn enemy the Toyota RAV4. In fact, the Toyota has a slight edge on the highway, while the Ford has its nose out in front in the city. South of the border, the third big player in this segment is the Honda CR-V, but Honda Canada deemed it best not to offer the model’s hybrid version here in Canada.

What gives, Honda Canada??

To find stingier fuel consumption than the Escape/RAV4 duo, consumers will have to head for the Kia Niro, but that model is smaller, and chances are it won’t attract the same buyers as the two larger SUVs.

The figures announced by Ford apply to the American version of the Escape, and we converted them to the format used to determine consumption in Canada.

The new 2020 Ford Escape will sell in Canada starting at $36,549 for the FWD version, and $38,049 for the AWD variant.

Photo: D.Heyman