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Future BMW i5 or i7 could rival Tesla Model S

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Due in 2018, a new BMW i5 or i7 could pose a serious threat to the Tesla Model S, with prices ranging from just below the latter to more than $125,000 USD.

The powertrain will likely be derived from the BMW i8, but the suspension, steering and brakes will mostly come from the 5 Series sedan. A gasoline engine will team up with a pair of electric motors (the i8 uses a single motor). The i5/i7 could run as either a FWD EV, a RWD EV, or an AWD hybrid.
Expect total output to reach about 544 horsepower, and all-electric range to top 80 miles (130 kilometres), according to a few sources.

Naturally, we'll keep you updated as new developments arise.