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Genesis Considering Adding a Bigger SUV, To Be Called the GV90

Genesis GV80 | Photo: Genesis
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Daniel Rufiange
We already know a smaller GV70 SUV is on the way

Hyundai’s luxury brand has just presented its very first SUV, the Genesis GV80, and already speculation is that the company is weighing the possibility of developing another, bigger utility model. This bit of news comes courtesy Motor Trend.

Before we get too excited, let’s be clear that the process of creating a new full-size luxury SUV under the Genesis banner has not even begun. The speculation alludes to brainstorming going on at company HQ, with the big question for the automaker being whether they’re prepared to dive into this fairly exclusive segment.

Likely to be named GV90, this theoretical future SUV would be competing against models like the BMW X7 and the Mercedes-Benz GLS.

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| Photo: Genesis

We do know the Korean automaker is currently working on other products, and that it intends to grow its lineup from the current three (not including the GV80) to six models by 2021. As well, it’s known that a smaller SUV, the GV70, is on the way. But that leaves another model we know nothing about. And that means, of course, that everyone is free to speculate with impunity.

During the presentation of the GV80, the company teased two silhouettes of planned future models. One had the shape of a sport coupe, implying an eventual production version of the Essentia concept. The other invoked an electric-powered hatchback model. This has led to frantic wishing on the part of many that some sort of version of the gorgeous Mint concept presented in Montreal last week and still on display at the auto show there (until Sunday) may actually end up going into production.

Genesis Mint concept
Genesis Mint concept | Photo: D.Boshouwers

The company also plans to unveil an electric SUV next spring. Clearly, there’s much current activity behind the walls of Genesis HQ. For the moment, we don’t know exactly what it amounts, but by a year from now the picture should be a lot clearer.

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